A Hot Weekend in C'bus

Here's Luke at the firing range with Craig last night. What a great shot (no pun intended). We were hoping to take them to the drive-in movies tonight but it's too hot. With the heat index it's 109 degrees F.  Ack! We also have a fire advisory since we are so dry. Wonder if they'll cancel the 4th fireworks next week? Anyway, we have a full weekend planned so will post pictures.

I'm also gearing up for Jack's 6th birthday next week. We are going to get him a new bike then Danny can inherit his old one. Poor Danny has been riding a toddler tricycle with his knees bashing on the handle bars. That's what happens when you are a 3-year-old the size of bigfoot I suppose. Jack also wants Hulk fists, a Scooby Doo game for his Wii and a drum set. Guess which one he's NOT getting. He's loud enough!


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