Wednesday, June 06, 2012

A Glimpse into the Future

When I was putting Danny to bed tonight he held my face in his hands and said "You're my mom in the whole wide world!" It would have been nice if he'd have added "best" instead of just stating the obvious but I'll take what I can get. He's so loving right now that I'm soaking it up.  I think I have done Daniel an injustice in the way I have portrayed him sometimes. People at work ask me how the little terror is, but in fact he isn't a little terror. What he is is independent to the extreme. Happy to play by himself and not a mean bone in his body. But he sometimes wants his own way so much that you can't win. For example, after using the potty (he insists on going by himself, won't even tell me ahead of time unless we are somewhere outside of the house) he'll yell "mommy I can't put my pants on!" so I'll go and help and half way through he'll yell at me "Mommy stop! I can put my pants on MYSELF!"  Can't bloody win I tell you.

I cannot wait for Dot & Harry (in laws) to get here from England next week. I know they will just eat him up and they are catching him at such a great time in his life. He has a lisp for goodness sake - what is more adorable than that? He asked me for something last week and I retorted back at him "Daniel - say pleath!" What a muppet I am sometimes!! I'm just so used to him pronouncing it like that that I copied him.  He also says Lelomade (lemonade) which makes my heart melt.  Maybe once Dot & Harry get here Jack will pester me a bit less, allowing me to devote a bit more time to Danny. That would be nice.

Lastly - I looked at this photo that I took of my boys this past week and thought "Oh my God. They look like two young men, strolling along the street, chatting as they walk".  It is like a little snapshot into the future. Very strange.

Okay, I'll get the beer, you get the gyros...

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