Tennessee Hols

I try to post on here most days but two things have happened on my hols this week - the Internet connection at our campsite was too slow to do anything on the computer that involved pictures and I also forgot to bring my camera lead, so will have to do a big photo post when I get home.

Memphis was great. The campsite was perfect and the boys made friends with neighbouring boys aged 8 and 10. Their mum was more than happy to offload them onto me for a couple of days but they were nice kids so that was ok. The boys played every day on the big inflatable water slide and Craig and Luke played like teenagers too. Even I went down it a couple of times, but it was a VERY unladylike descent! The kids met Yogi Bear, played in the pool and just had a blast.

Our tourist stuff included Sun Studios, the Gibson Guitar factory, Gracelands, Beale Street and Tupelo (little town in Mississippi which is Elvis's birthplace). My favourite by far was Tupelo.

Beale Street
Today we left Memphis and came up to Nashville. Craig took his family sightseeing while I took the boys to the hotel pool. I've been to Nashville a few times so I'm not going to do some of the stuff that the others do but I do really want to go to the Hermitage.

So now we are off to Nashville Palace for dinner and some music.  Maybe we'll bump into some famous singers!


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