One last one, for Cody

It's been a rough week after we lost Cody. The day after he died I found his collar in my bag at work and completely lost it. Then I lost it when the pet cremation man rang me to discuss details because he said "let me know when it's convenient for me to bring your boy home".

The pet cremation man brought his ashes to my house today. We now have a very nice box, engraved with Cody's name. We are absolutely NOT ready to even think about scattering ashes.

When I got home tonight Craig met me at the door and told me that a sympathy card had come from our vet, Dr K. We got one after Tutz died and also a little plastic card with the Rainbow Bridge poem included. So I expected the same, but Craig warned me that I was going to cry. I thought he was exaggerating.

Look what they did at the vets. They did his paw print. It has bloody destroyed me. I love them for doing it , I really do, but it has just done me in.


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