Busy Busy Festive Stuff

It's been a couple of weeks since I last posted, so I'll get the boring stuff out of the way first:  I went to the docs and I'm right as rain!  No problems with this old bird, I am far too hardy.  I got through my busiest week of the year (finals week + big conference). Highlights? Seeing my friend Todd get a big award and seeing ex-coach Tressel.   Craig took Jack to a cub scout thing today with shooting & archery etc. and they had a great time. I'm loving that they are doing that together. I'm keeping my distance :)

Anyway, I'm going to play catch-up today by sharing some photos from the last 2 weeks, since they tell the story better than lots of words......

We have had about a foot of snow since the beginning of December. It's been awesome. 

We're getting festive. Last year we started too early and I was over it by Christmas. This year we timed it right. 

There's a pretty cool sledding hill in our neighbourhood. Boys love it.

Look who started snow boarding. So we got him one, and he's now a "dude".

I love love love Christmas.  93.3 FM is on,  apple & cinnamon candles are burning, advent calendars are ripped open each morning, there's snow, my neighbor is decorating his huge tree, and we have school concerts. Bring it all to me! 

Buckeyes lost, so no championship game  (thank God because we'd have got thrashed. Let's keep it real people).

Our resident squirrel. He keeps us all amused for hours.

I volunteered at a thing with some of my favourite ladies

Danny was sick for a day. 7 loads of laundry sick, bless him.

I hid gifts at Eric's so went to wrap them. Big Mistake = hangover! Seriously though, I love him & Dave (& Maureen in the pic, my Brit friend)

I volunteered at Jack's Holiday Shop. My favourite day of the year. Helping kids shop for their family at Christmas is just the best thing you can do to feel good about humanity.

They wrote to Santa and pulled a fast one. After saying what they wanted weeks ago (presents are ALREADY BOUGHT), they asked him for something else. Little *******!  Hahaha!

They made a gingerbread house and it was fantastic and messy but they loved doing it.

So there you are. We are visiting Santa tomorrow. Then a playdate. Then I'm going to bed as I have a horrible head cold. But I'm feeling festive people! 


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