Christmas 2013

What a whirlwind Christmas it was. I can't believe it's over actually and I'm back to work tomorrow. It whizzed by faster than ever before.

We did all the usual of course: watched Elf, Polar Express, Love Actually & Christmas Story, drove to see lights at Alum Creek and the neighbourhood, played board games, pulled crackers, drank and ate like champions. But we also saw a lot of people - maybe that's why is seemed to go quick. We never really just sat and did nothing. We didn't even get a post-dinner nap!  For the first time in a couple of decades I also went to church. Jack's friend from school was in a Christmas Eve nativity play at the local church so we went. I really enjoyed it and belted out "Hark the Herald Angels Sing!" with the best of them.

On Christmas morning the boys jumped out of bed and checked to see if Santa's milk was gone. They loved their gifts and we got to skype with several people on the big day. It was great. Both of my boys 100% believe in Santa, which made it magical for us all.

We got to see Dave and Eric quite a bit. We got to see Char & Jan. We went to a neighbour's annual party. We went to a Boxing Day party with the British Expats. We had Vicki over for dinner. We hosted a couple of kids on play dates and we just had friends from Tennessee stay with us for the full weekend. Now I have a big burning desire to be a hermit.

Shaving with dad
Danny wore his new dragon PJs for 4 straight days, even on the trampoline. 

Loves his metal "contector"

Got the kids out of the house

So now my house is wrecked and the bins are full. There's Playdoh everywhere and pine needles are a-dropping.  I feel a strong urge to clean and purge, which I'll get right on after I get off from here.

I feel so grateful that we had a Happy Christmas with food and warmth and a healthy family (except my stinky head cold). Bart & Ben got spoiled to death too, of course. Back to work (boooo) tomorrow then NYE to deal with. Right now I can think of nothing better than celebrating by hunkering down at home but who knows - maybe I'll feel social again by Tuesday night.


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