Birthday Cooking & Catching Fire With Jack

We celebrated Craig's birthday again today with breakfast in bed. Actually the front room, because he woke up. Then Craig spent some time teaching Jack some cooking skills. Rather him than me, but I LOVE this picture.

A picture that warms my heart

I then took Jack door-to-door while he dropped off bags to neighbours for them to fill with food for our local food pantry. I stood at the end of the driveways and let him do it and he did really well. No one said no, but then you'd have to be a real curmudgeon to say no wouldn't you. 

This afternoon I cleaned the house and did laundry. Hate it Hate it Hate it.

At 5.30 pm Vicki came and her, me and Jack went to see Catching Fire. I loved it again. Vicki loved it. Jack loved it but was terrified in a couple of places. I don't think I should have taken him. Not because of the film but because of the setting. When he watched The Hunger Games he was at home, with a few lights on and a familiar setting. At the cinema he was in a dark room with a HUGE screen. I think that was the difference. I asked him several times if he wanted to leave but he said no. He did completely bury himself under my armpit during the flogging scene and the scary monkey scene though. At one point he knelt on his seat and said "no!" very loud. It wasn't a scary scene, it was just when he was mad a President Snow for being mean.  And he also asked lots of questions and I started off saying "shhhhhhhh, just watch" but then realised he'd enjoy the movie a lot more if he knew the answer. Most of his questions were about Katniss & Peeta & Finick & Johanna. He kept leaning into me and frantically whispering do they all live? So I told him the answer.  
Bottom line with this: I should not have taken him to the cinema to watch this. At home is the best place to watch action/scary films. 

When we got back the boys got to bed and Craig and I watched our favourite shows: Walking Dead & Homeland. We had a snuggle. I should say that he got some fabulous presents off family - a book about Sir Alex Ferguson, a book about Harleys, a trail camera, and heated socks. He also has an extra pressie sitting in the kitchen that he'll see in the morning, on his actual birthday.  I hope he's had a good time.


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