My Future

Julie read my cards last Friday night. She offered me 3 options - guardian angel cards, tarot cards, or a cold reading. I asked for her opinion and she said the first one. So I did the guardian angel cards and picked 4 angels, only later realising that these angels are strongly rooted in faith: Ariel, Pistis Sophia, one that looked like a star, aaaannnnd I can't remember the 4th one. Darn it.

Anyway, before we started she told me to take a deep breath and be quiet and think of a question I have for my angels. Before I could even over-analyse it (like I normally do) my stupid brain blurted out and said "Do I have cancer and will I see my boys grow up?" Inside my head of course, not to Julie.

When I picked the Ariel card I was told that she was the ruler of the earth and the overseer of health. To connect with her I need amethyst.  Julie asked why I was worried about my health (yes she did!) so I told her a few things and we chatted back and forth for a while. We even decided to sign up for zumba together at our local rec center. What a bonus that I have a friend who both sees my future health problems and stops them from happening!  I  don't have cancer by the way. Like I said, stupid brain.But I do need to get some things checked out, and I will I promise.

I do remember a lot about what she said about Pistis Sophia, the universal mother. She is the soul of a human being. I think that means the little sparkly cloud that floats away after you die. The soul is also a real thing - the thing that keeps you grounded and happy and kind. Sophia came to me because I'm neither grounded or happy, living a life I didn't want to live, in the wrong calling, in a rut. She is supposedly asking me to go back to me and remember what makes me happy and do that. To stop being so manic & driven. Just get back to focusing on the real worth in life: myself and my family and friends.  That's hard for me. I've always been a people pleaser. I sit here tonight with hairy legs, unpainted toe nails, and old clothes. I spent all night looking for toys for Jack's school's holiday party. I don't look after my soul AT ALL I know. No excuses.

The third was a star (can't remember her name). She told me my nether-regions are okay and I'm doing great (or something like that). Thank you star angel.

Can't remember the 4th.

Now my friends had completely different readings to me but they all felt like she was a good medium. Some more than others. It's not ethical for me to post about their readings but she did a great job of telling them things that they have going on in their lives.

Right then, off to bed with me. Will ring the docs tomorrow and paint my toenails. But I'm not shaving my legs till April 2014.


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