Santa & Danny's Concert

We took the kids to visit Santa on Sunday and it was freezing. We stood outside in the queue for an hour while I was grumbling and cursing. People were so slow and hogging his time. By the time we saw him I was not exactly in a festive mood but the kids were. They were over the moon to see him. They both still believe. We also got to see Matt & Gina & baby Josephine. That was a bonus.
Is he the real deal or what??
Yesterday we had Daniel's school concert. I bought him a new blue shirt and I did my best to get him used to it before the day, but when he got to school he refused to take his winter coat off and wore it the whole time - during the concert, the classroom party and the visit fro Santa. He said he didn't want strangers looking at him. I don't care - he sung and he enjoyed himself. Who cares if he wore his coat.

Danny, top right, giving a Benny Hill salute
Here's a 30 second terrible video of them singing "Peppermint Stick". Craig and I were sat in the balcony as we got there too late to be near the front. We were waving frantically at him for about 10 minutes before he saw us. Unfortunately every other child saw us first and they were all waving at us. Ha!

Today I went Christmas shopping for an hour after work and also got them both to our favourite barber shop. It's Jack's concert tomorrow.


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