A Quilt

My neighbour has been spoiling me. This last few months she has got me a Johnny Cash book, a wine hamper and now she's made me a quilt. This is all down to the fact that her boys come to my house each day before school and a couple days after school. This is no hardship for me because her boys are lovely and they get along with my boys. And as all parents know, it's actually easier to have other kids for your kids to play with because then your kids aren't whining or scrapping with each other. My oldest boy adores her oldest boy too, so she's actually helping me out more than she could ever know.

So I have to seriously tell her to stop thanking me. But looks at this quilt! This pictures doesn't do the intricate needlework and detail any justice at all. These hand-sewn little patches include pictures of London buses, phone boxes, soccer balls, the crown jewels, Union Jacks and all other things close to my heart. There's even a few deer pictures in there for Craig. We love it. It has inspired me to design my whole bedroom around it.

Coolest Bed Ever


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