Arm Surgery

I had surgery on my arm on Tuesday. They sedated me and put a metal plate and screws in my arm, near my wrist. I was nervous about being sedated more than anything else, but it was actually ok. The nurse told me that I told them about my nightmare ER visit where the doctor wrestled my broken arm and then I asked her when Adele was bringing a new CD out. All pretty tame ramblings compared to what I could have come out with!

They blocked the nerves in my arm so that was very weird. Having this limb attached to me that I couldn't feel. When I held onto the hand it felt like I  was holding someone elses' hand. Another very strange phenomenon was that I could swear my arm was across my chest, I could feel it and even feel some sensation like cold and itch, when it was in fact laying by my side completely numb. How weird!

I was told by everyone to take lots of medicine before the blocker wore off. It didn't matter. It would have made no difference. Between 12 and 20 hours after surgery was the most painful time of my life. Starting at 11pm that night I cried, writhed in pain, groaned a lot and begged for medicine every hour or so. Neither of us got any sleep and we were completely shattered yesterday. I spent at least 6 hours on the couch in a drug-induced stupor. Poor Craig had to see to me and had the kids too, since the schools were closed for two days. He has been amazing.

Today we both perked up a bit, the kids were back in school and I'm not in pain anymore. We are both back at work tomorrow so that's a good thing. I need to get back to normal!

I'll see the surgeon on Monday so hopefully will get a new picture of my bionic arm. Jack has already scanned me with his metal detector and marvelled at my beeping arm!


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