Travels to Indy

This past week marked the start of my travelling month for work. I drove to Indianapolis, which is 3 hours drive due west of Columbus. I hate Indianapolis and I feel terrible saying that but not too much. The first time I went there years ago I mistakenly stayed in a dump of a hotel  in the ghetto, miles from the place I was going to work at.
This time I had the most terrifying drive of my life. About 5 miles outside of the city the motorway was covered in 1-inch thick ice ruts, that made your car slide and wobble in the ruts. With everyone doing 60-70 mph it made for some pretty frightening driving. Couple that with the fact that I was nervous about driving in an unfamiliar city and worried about getting lost and you can probably sympathise why I was cursing the place the whole time I was driving.
Once I was there of course and got together with work friends I had a great time. But I came away with no love lost again on the place itself, which is unusual for me because I typically find something to love about every new place I go. Am I missing something? What little treasures might that city have that could sway my opinion.
It could have been worse I suppose


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