Danny's BD Weekend

Since I'll be in surgery on Tuesday, we have decided to start Daniel's birthday celebrations this weekend. And I  want to make a fuss of him because he's the 2nd child, and rarely does our family life revolve around just him.
Daniel at 5
We started last night by watching "The Croods" and having pizza delivered. The fun family moment was disrupted briefly after Jack drank milk too quick and barfed everywhere, but all-in-all it was fun.

Today he went to parkour with friends then to a play date at one of their houses. Then we met several friends at Chuck E Cheese, which is hell on earth for parents but a place of great joy for kids. I didn't take any pictures of our time there or Daniel with his best friend Rocco as I was running about buying pizza and tokens and making sure none of the kids got kidnapped.

The day ended perfectly with us all snuggled up on the couch, with a roaring fire, watching The Croods again. It was a great start to our boy's 5th birthday celebrations.


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