Lefty - Day 3

I  have come to the conclusion that the ER doctor did a bit of a botch job on me. I have met several people who've had their broken bone reset and it wasn't an agonising experience like mine. He's also made the splint so uncomfortable that I'm barely able to sleep. Craig told me today that he heard the nurses complaining about him and his lack of a bedside manner. Bedside manner? He was a masochist! He grabbed my broken, swollen mangled arm and crushed it as hard as he could.

So I'm meeting with an orthopedic surgeon in the morning. I'm hoping they tell me that it's healing and they can put a cast on for a few weeks. But since I can feel the bone moving they'll probably tell me I have to have a pin set by a surgical procedure. Whatever they decide I cannot wait to get this splint off!

Friends have been amazing - bringing food, seeing to the kids, and covering my work load. I  feel humbled.

On a lighter note, I have compiled some of the more bizarre or difficult challenges this injury has caused ...

Craig is still horrified that the ER nurse looked at him with disgust then whispered to me "was this domestic abuse?" 

Bart is determined to jump on my splint. He's been following me about and eyeing it with menace.

Brushing my teeth left-handed results in toothpaste in my hair and all over my clothes. It's like being a child.

Been wearing my daily contact lenses for 4 days now.

Lesson learned - shave legs, armpits and rogue hairs whenever you get the chance. Because having your loved one help you shower, get dressed and put deodorant on is embarrassing enough without looking like a yeti. And having the surgeon fiddle about with my arm tomorrow while I have under arm hair is just too much to bear. The shame!


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