End of School & Beginning of Summer

Jack's last day of class was last week (May 29th) now he has 11 weeks off school. Thank God for Linda. This time next year we'll be paying a small fortune for summer camps.

I have had 3 extra kids each morning for an hour before school and it's been really good. They've gelled with my two and it's been lovely to see them trot off to school together each morning.

Last Day of 2nd Grade

Trampoline + Hose Pipe = Fun

House finch chicks in our Boston fern

Cleaned up their graves. It still makes me sad

So we're getting geared up for summer. We've hit the pool several times already and it's in the high 80's most days. We've book Leanne's flight for mid July and we are looking forward to my  mum and Tom coming too. Should be a great summer!


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