Getting your feet up

Craig just went to bed and I was like a hyena, circling, just waiting for my moment to jump in his spot. We only have 1 recliner seat in our house and we both want it each evening. Who doesn't want to sit with their feet up each night after a day at work in 90 degree weather? We don't fight about it, we are very polite and would gladly offer it to each other but we secretly covet it. The precious recliner.

When I broke my arm it was mine for at least 3 weeks (I may have pushed it to 4). Even when I was told by my doc that the swelling in my arm had gone down and I didn't need to sit with it raised up I pretended I did. I even asked my physiotherapist if she might write a note to Craig telling him that since I had broke my arm I deserved the recliner for many months (she was a good egg and willing to oblige). But I didn't have her do it because I  know how much he wants it too.

Bless us both. We don't get a break. That recliner is our only little bit of relaxation.

Some people have grandparents close by. In fact I'm trying really hard not to be jealous that two of our friends have a kid-free week this week. Or they have enough money to have babysitters galore, or they just take care of themselves and not care as much perhaps about entertaining their kids as we do (the boys expect it now, is what I'm saying).  Whatever the reason, there's just no break for us. But that's ok, I love my kids and I know that many other people have much more going on than we do. But it's my blog so I can moan a bit if I want, right?

So, my favourite and best times when I alone was spoiled?  After Daniel's birth in the hospital (Jack's birth was so manic I never had a minute to myself) and when I first broke my arm. Yep, in the last 15 years I can think of 2 times I was cared for. I bet if I asked Craig he'd say none.  Which means I have to make this coming Father's Day all about him. But he does get the lion's share of the recliner, so there's that.

People need "all about me" moments sometimes.


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