Father's Day

I hope Craig enjoyed Father's Day. I had planned to make him breakfast in bed with the kids, like they did for me, but the kids slept till 10am (we went to a party last night) and he got up before them. But when they got up they showered him with cards and presents and kisses and we also got to Facetime with Leanne, which was lovely. I made him some pictures frames for his desk at work with pictures of the boys and Leanne and they got him a chocolate Harley Davidson and a new recliner for the garden.

He took Jack canoeing on the local river in the afternoon so me and Danny headed to the pool and proceeded to get severely sunburned even though I kept spraying us both in factor 50. Damn our Viking genes!

Craig and Jack had a little adventure when their canoe tipped over. Jack, ever the drama queen, insisted that he blow the emergency whistle he had hanging around his neck, repeating with great urgency "I want to blow the whistle, I want to blow the whistle!" until Craig calmed him down and reminded him that they were only stood in water a foot deep.  Craig was laughing his head off recanting the story to me.

After canoeing they met back with us at the pool and then we headed home for pizza and wine and Game of Thrones. All in all a great day. I think Craig would secretly have liked to go out on his bike but he said he wanted to spend time with the kids so he did. He's such a fantastic person, such a good dad. I can't wait for he and Leanne to get to know one another more.


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