Football & Basketball

The Buckeyes are going to the National Championship Game on January 13th. I remember when they won the title in 2002 and can hardly believe that we have the chance again. In 2002 we went to a bar called Miani's on campus with some fiends and we watched the whole thing there, including the 3 overtimes. When the whistle blew the whole bar erupted and people were in their cars and in the streets honking horns and shouting, it was such a great night. The bar lost Internet so I had to go back the day after to close my bar tab out and I was rather sheepish as Craig had got mad at one of the bouncers the night before. So Monday night we will watch with friends at our house and no doubt I'll lose my voice again.

Buckeyes are going to the national championship! 
I like watching basketball. There I've said it. I thought it would be as excruciatingly boring as baseball but it turns out that it's quite fun watching my boys play. I like it. Not a clue what's going on but baby steps, hey.

Basketball Dudes

Ohio's State's National Championship trailer. Gives me goosebumps.


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