National Champs, Denver & a 5K Challenge

The Buckeyes beat Oregon 42-20 in the national championship and it was ohhhhhhh so good! Eric came over so we watched and celebrated together. What a great night for the Buckeyes.

Celebrate good times come on!

The next morning I went to Denver, Colorado for a work conference and was gone 5 days (yes, was nursing a hangover).  It was a great conference and I love seeing friends but of course I missed the family. Each night Craig would FaceTime me and the kids would take me to their room with them before bed and whisper to me about their day. I would blow kisses and say goodnight to them. It was awesome and one of the nicest, most loving things Craig did for me that week.

View from my hotel room in Denver

Shenanigans on 16th Street with my British  buddies
During the conference my friends Sun and Christi took me out to Golden to see their athletic field complex (they won an award for it - woohoo!) and they also took me to see Red Rocks.

The "Sleeping Indian" -  backdrop to their athletic fields

Red Rocks. On my bucket list to see a concert there.

With Sun & Christi

It was so nice to get home on Saturday and then have a long weekend off from work (It's MLK Day today). I've played with the boys and we've got the bikes back out. Today I walked 3 miles as I'm training for a 5K in April. This is my year to get healthy. I'm feeling committed!!


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