My Cousin Kay

My first cousin Kay came to visit this past weekend. We haven't seen each other in 25 years but you wouldn't have known it. When we met at the airport we both cried and hugged hard. We did the same when I dropped her back at the airport this morning. Our personalities and the parallels of our lives are amazing.

She's the same age as me and her daughter Megan, who is 26, shares the same birthday as my son Daniel.  How funny that she had her child at 20 and I had mine at 40.

Megan had HSP when she was 4 years old, just like my Jack did. It's funny that such a rare disease that supposedly isn't genetic happened to both of our children.

Her older sister is the same age as my older sister.

We are both Travelling Wilburys and both fascinated in history and reading.

An immediate hit with the boys

She was brought up in London and I was brought up in the north of England so our paths did not cross very much when we were kids. She was very close to our paternal grandparents, not just in proximity but in day to day life. I barely remember my Nana and don't remember my Grandad at all. She told me lots of stories and described their house and personalities. It was lovely to hear. Grandad was brought up in an orphanage and had a fascinating life, which included being sent to work in Canada when he was 14.

So we had lots to talk about but we also just got along and had a laugh. She's a brilliant diving instructor in Tulum in Mexico but already looking to move on and live in the Philippines by summer. What a life of adventure she lives. I'm sad to see her go.


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