Minecraft Quilt

The Minecraft quilt is finished! It has 122 squares and a bright green flannel backing with black polka-dot binding. It's about 45" x 60".

I cheated when I made the creeper's face, by just laying out the 5" fabric squares on a section of interface and ironing them on, then sowing the back hems. I did that to make sure all the squares on the face lined up exactly, since (if you look closely) you'll see that I don't do a great job of lining up the squares.

I'd really like to give this quilt as a gift to a young family member, if I can persuade my boys to let it go. My plan is to make a quilt for each of the young children in my family in England, since I do a terrible job of sending them regular gifts (though in my defense there's lots of them).


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