46 Today!

I am 46 today, which is just bonkers. I still feel young, much younger than 46, but I think we all do. The older I get the more I have come to recognize that we are all just winging it.

This past weekend was low-key but I had a good time. Let me see: I drank too much wine, fell off a chair, went bowling, went to the cinema to see "Home" with friends & their kids, had 2 delicious margaritas with my neighbor friend, ate a fabulous roast dinner cooked by Craig, and watched The Walking Dead Season finale and nearly gave myself a heart attack. Somewhere in there I did a bit of housework, walked, and weighed in at Weight Watchers.

I got some marvelous presents - Craig got me Chanel No5 and the boys got me Bert's Bees lotion and a Yankee candle that smells of fresh cut grass and flowers. My mum and Craig's mum got me some lovely English things and my step-mum sent me some money so I can get something naughty (her words haha!).

Today I had 270 messages from people on Facebook. That made me feel so good.

Tonight Craig & Jack are at Scouts and Daniel just put on a laser show for me with glow sticks and his own made-up music. That was a treat. Now I'm contemplating whether to mess around on my computer with a glass of wine or work on the kitchen and get an early night. Those of you that know me already know the answer..

An expensive perfume does wonders for the soul

English things! Squeee!

Who is this impostor in my bowling lane?

Bowling. I am terrible at it, but had fun. 

Maureen - the bowling shark
A bunch of flowers from my mate, Maureen


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