My Summer Wishes

I rarely buy anything new for myself. Clothes and shoes and bags come from thrift stores and I own far too many grey bras with knackered wires and threadbare knickers.  I am neglected.

Now I know I'm not unique in this way as Mothers all over the globe are doing the same, putting their kids first and totally neglecting themselves. We feel guilty if we have a pee in peace never mind spending money on ourselves. God forbid we do that.

So anyway, this is entirely whimsical and probably won't happen but I have a little wish list of things I'd like to get for ME this summer....
  • Some Chanel No 5 would be nice. Pity it's so expensive, but it's my birthday month so who knows. Maybe Craig will sell one of his kidneys and get me some.
  • Aviator sunglasses.  I've tried the big circular bog-eyed ones that have been all the fashion the last few years but I have a round face and round-on-round does nothing for a woman's look. Give me a pair of aviator glasses any day.
  • A new tattoo to cover up my old, hated one. I've said this for 3 years now and just need to get the damn thing done. I'd feel so much better about myself this summer if I wasn't walking around with a demented pixie on my back.
  • A swimsuit 3 sizes smaller than last summer

So there you are. I don't think this list is too obnoxious, it's very doable & I can make it happen. But will I?  It'll be interesting to come back here in Autumn and say whether I did or not.


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