Saturday, July 18, 2015

4 Boys in a Car = Time Well Spent.

I spent time with the 4 boys again this week and I have to say, my favorite time with them is car time. It usually involved very loud pop music, open windows and sunroof, dancing, laughing, farting and rude words.  As a particular treat this week they compared nipples and asked each other what they'd do in order to drink the bottle of old milk that rolled out from under a seat and looked like cottage cheese floating in water ("what would make you eat the cheese?"). One said he'd eat the cheese if he could have nipples that looked like little dogs that barked.

All the while they laugh hysterically and I just sit, driving, grinning, and hoping I get to have more time with them like that this summer. They are FUNNY.

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3 Month Catch-up

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