Thursday, July 02, 2015

Four Boys: Days 3 & 4

Finally it stopped bloody raining and we got a day outdoors! I took them to Slate Run Historical Farm and it was, well, all about poo. Every damn animal we looked at was pooing, and because of the rain the whole place just stank damp & pooey. They used the old fashioned privy too - guess what that smelled like? And the boys loved the meat curing shed with smelly meat. So then, poo and smells = heaven for boys. Plus hammocks and an old fashioned water pump. The water pump Nazi told them off for pumping too loudly and pumping too much. It's in the kid's section lady - everything kids do is too loud and too much! I gave her the stink eye - not because I disagreed with her reigning in the kids,  but because I knew she got a power-kick from her Nazi job.

Parkour in the woods

No chance lads! haha!

Happy lad

Stinky outhouse antics

Look! A cow!

Liked the lambs

And the horses

Prior to their aggressive pumping felony

After the farm we went swimming. It was great as usual...

Day 4 of 4 Boys was dealt with by Craig as I went to work.

He took them to Inniswood Gardens. As he dragged them away from video games and then pulled into the parking lot at the gardens he said they were all complaining how boooooring it was going to be because they read the sign that said "Gardens" and they wanted a "Park". When they entered the gardens they all got maps, and still grumpy, they said "What do we do first?" and Craig said - "We get lost!" and took all their maps off them and had adventure and they LOVED it. They got lost (no they didn't), they found a fantastic water game, searched for frogs, found their way out of a maize, found a secret garden & tree house and scared themselves silly as they walked through the woods.

At Knight's Homemade Ice Cream Shop

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