Saturday, July 04, 2015

Happy 4th!

Friends invited us to their family July 4th celebration tonight. It was 20 mins outside of Columbus but felt like we were really in the countryside. We didn't know anyone and I was designated driver and the England:Germany game was happening at the same time so I wasn't really sold but when we got there it was fab! They had recorded the England game for us (we won!), the food was amazing, people were really friendly and they made a big fuss of us, even inviting us to light the first firework to celebrate our citizenship. It was a really great night and I'm hoping they meant it when they said they want us back next year.

My friend Lyn invited us. I have porch envy.  


Beer + countryside + fireworks = man porn

Look how happy this man is  (see above)

Me & the birthday boy

Craig lights the first firework in honor of our citizenship & they chant USA! It was a cool moment.  

Taken purely to show how close the fireworks were. The actual firework display was amazing! 

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