Friday, July 03, 2015

Jack's 9th Birthday

How did he get to be NINE? Those first couple of years were documented and every minute savored and then we did a crazy fast-forward seven years to today. At nine he's a boy to be proud of. He has great manners and an empathetic heart (ok yes, he's evil to his younger brother sometimes) and a great sense of humour. He loves WWE and Minecraft and his friends and sports.  His sensitivity sometimes surprises me because he's so rambunctious. At the first day of camp it was Jack, and not Danny, that was nervous and timid. He's also a complete drama queen when it comes to injury, especially if blood's involved. A bloody graze on the knee brings about screaming and yelling worthy of an Oscar.  I love this boy so much. He's very much a mum's boy and just looking at him makes my heart ache. So Happy Birthday Jack Sparrow. We are very proud of the young man you are becoming.

Cupcakes and ice-cream with his neighbor friends

Feeding his graffiti obsession
Zip lining in Hocking Hills with his friend Mario & Danny

Looking at the 1 year mark and comparing it to the 9 year mark made me cry

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