Four Boys: Day 2

Wouldn't you know it, day 2 it rained 7 1/2 hours out of the 8 that I had the boys. I took them to work again and they ran around for half an hour before the heavens opened. This time I took them to the research farm and I made them chase me on a golf cart (exercise!) then I let them fool around on the golf cart too. They loved playing on the golf cart. Years ago I did the same thing for my nieces and nephew and they still remember it to this day.

Trying to do cartwheels. Not very successful. Ha!

Speed demons
At lunch time we had a big party for my boss who is retiring so the boys got to eat a lot. I'm pretty sure Daniel ate 5 cookies but who's counting. Not me. I am determined not to stress over such things this week.
My lovely boss with the boys
We got home about 3, in a total rainy downpour, so I let them play Minecraft, watch WWE Raw and bounce on the trampoline in the rain. Then I sent the two boys home wet, happy and exhausted, which I count as a success.


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