England Part 2: Family Reunion & My Mate Mo

First day - After a quick cup of tea with my mum we were off to Warrington for Craig's family reunion. This meant I had to drive on the other side of the road, which was hairy to say the least. The roads are narrow, people drive fast and there are roundabouts galore. I found it hard to gauge how close I was to the left curb and I had Craig give me constant reminders about speed limits and not to pull out into oncoming traffic. I had even forgotten what "Give Way" meant and what the national speed limit was - oh my! Thankfully, British drivers are the best and very courteous, so it wasn't so bad.

Danny, Craig's mum, niece Jenna, NIL Neil, great niece Elsa, and dad

First pint! (he hated it and didn't drink it, but it scored him some browny points back in the USA)

Craig's Family. Back row L-R: Great nephew Sammy, NIL Neil, sister Sandra, nephew Lee, great niece Evelynn, BIL Ian, Craig, me, great niece Isla, NIL James, niece Natalie, Luke's GF Shell, sister Janice, BIL Andy.
Front row L-R: Dad, mum, great niece Elsa, niece Jenna, great nephew Oliver, Jack, Danny & Luke

Back to Southport by sunset so we could show boys the beach
What a packed first day Saturday was!

Sunday morning we got up early and went to meet Maureen and her daughter Erin at the train station. Mo is my mate in Ohio and was visiting England at the same time so we hooked up.

Selfie! Erin, Mo, my mum, Craig & me. BLTs and tea for breakfast!

It's the little things you miss

A quick mooch around Wayfayres Arcade & the shops in Southport

Hot made-to-order donuts!

Queen Victoria on the beach promenade

On the pier

At noon we met Leanne at the train Station too. Such a poignant and happy moment for these two. 

After settling Leanne in at my mums we were off to Chorley to meet with my dad, step-mum,  sister and nieces and nephews. We had another lovely family meal and the kids got along instantly.

Danny, Jack, AJ, Dennon & Summer

Jack & AJ were instant best friends

My family, back row L-R: me, niece Gemma, NIL Anthony, niece Abby, BIL Kev, step-mum Sheila, Leanne, Craig, sister Jen, and dad.
Front Row L-R: great nephew AJ, Jack, great niece Summer, Danny, great niece Dennon.

My sister Jen and the kids

That night we slept at my dad's and then headed back to Southport Monday lunchtime. 


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