Here or There

Normally a weekend like this would have been fabulous but I'm still too ill and too homesick to function. My cold is awful and I'm weary to my bones, but I'm putting off a docs appointment because they'll just tell me to ride it out and drink fluids.

And I'm sooooooo homesick. An FBI search of my Internet history would reveal things like"expats moving home" and "jobs in England". And when Zillow emailed me today with an increase of my house price I was happy and sat, in my living room, planning my tag sale*. Moving back to England? Scares the SHIT out of me. But then I'm not a shrinking violet am I?

Porch time with Erika is always a favourite time. She ate cockles, bless her 
Jack went to his friend's birthday camp-over but asked to come home at 1am, so his friend's dad brought him.
We love these friends and are grateful that they totally understood when he just wanted to come home. 
Last night we started watching "Fear the walking dead" and in walks .....
Pool time today with my mate Lyn and her grandsons.

*Ignoring the excitement of going home, to consider:
Find 2 fantastically paying jobs (this is the BIG challenge)
Sell contents of a house (keep how much & send?)
Sell a house and 2 cars, then buy a house and 2 cars (also another challenge. My house in Ohio is worth $230k, but my house in England would be worth 500 thousand pounds). 
Send 2 cats and a dog. Not as easy as that sounds. 
Call & organize things with the IRS, pensions, social security, banks and insurance homeland security/customs on both sides of the Atlantic.
Leave the school district, organize new schools (and buy uniforms!)
The taxes alone, I believe,  would be a nightmare. As American citizens Craig and I are bound to pay USA taxes and file our taxes each year.
I'm not too worried about being welcomed to England as far as "free" stuff (housing, welfare etc.) since I'd never go back and expect free stuff. I haven't paid tax in 16 years so absolutely do not expect a free ride. But I hope we have health care if we need it, since both Craig and I have paid into it & still have out NI cards.
I need to go to bed because this might all be a pipe dream.  But usually, when a seed gets planted, I make it grow. 


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