Sunday, August 23, 2015

England Part 5: My Family Reunion & Liverpool

On Saturday it was my family's big party/reunion in Southport. Sadly, my sister couldn't make it because of car trouble so that was a downer, but I caught up with her later.

Family friends Dave & Liz
My cousins Susan & Jane
Auntie Edna

Auntie May & Uncle Tom

My cousin Julie

Childhood friends & my 2nd cousin Gary

Our friends Darren & Amanda came along

My mum is one of 7 kids and they are all fighting fit and funny.
From L-R: Harry (the baby of the 7), Ada, Jean (married to my Uncle Stan), Stan, John (the head of the family and 91 yrs old), May, Edna and my mum Ethel. Love these people so much!

On Sunday we left the boys with my mum, her mate Sue and Leanne & Dean and we went off on our own to celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary. The boys had a blast at the pool and the fair and so did we in Liverpool. On our own for the first time in nine years!

Anthony Gormley statues on Crosby beach. There's 100 of them across 2 miles of beach.

Bacon butty and a cup of tea at Crosby Beach

Strawberry Fields, just around the corner from John Lennon's house

Mendips (12 Menlove Avenue), where John Lennon lived with his auntie.

Docklands - now fancy shops & apartments

The 3 Graces of Liverpool: Liver Building (with Liver Birds on top), Cunard Building & Town Hall

Took a ferry across The Mersey. And yes, they played the song. Liverpool is now a cruise ship destination, as you can see by the humongous ship in the dock. 

The Liver Building. One of my favorite building in the world. One bird faces the Mersey River, one faces the city. 

Our hotel, 30 James St. Previously the White Star Line Building (who built the Titanic)

I love Liverpool humour

A night out with friends = trouble & a hangover. But well worth it for the laughs! 

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