Sunday, August 23, 2015

England Part 4: Manchester & The Lake District

On Tuesday I did some work stuff in Manchester, so the boys spent the day with their cousins in Manchester and Craig and Leanne spent the day with their family in Warrington. I was really nervous about driving in rush hour to all of those places but it was fine. In fact I loved it!

Me and my work friend Marcela
Boys with their cousin Gemma (my niece) and their 2nd cousins
Danny & Dennon
With their cousin Abby
With my sister Jenny
Jack & AJ
Jack & Oliver at Craig's mum's house

Craig and Elsa

Craig's grand nieces & nephews

Tuesday night we had a night out with Marcela, her boyfriend Pedro and Leanne. We had far too much fun, which resulted in lost shoes, a lost daughter and having to wake my mum at 3am to get back in the house. Oh dear. The less said about all that the better.

On Wednesday morning we set off for 3 nights in a caravan in the Lake District, where Leanne lives. The caravan site was at a place called Holker & was luxurious, with an indoor pool and great scenery.  Friends lent it to us for free. How lucky are we?


Cartmel Priory

Leanne's salon in Cartmel

Leanne's salon. Her boyfriend Dean in the background

Our caravan
Our car for the 2 weeks, loaned from my step-dad Tom. Loved it! 

Craig's mate Dennis joined us for the 3 days

Ended up driving on a hiking trail full of cows. Oops! 

Coniston (the first day it rained)

Lunch with my dad & Sheila

A hike up Coniston Old Man

Laurel & Hardy Museum in Ulverston (Stan Laurel was born there). We all say and watched movies and laughed.
The boys loved it, so it was great. 

North West Parachute Center (NWPC) at Cark, where Craig and I met

NWPC. I have the exact same picture of me and my friend Sue, taken in 1995 - twenty years ago!

NWPC. Our friend Tony

NWPC. Our wonderful friend Dennis

Grange-over-Sands - where Leanne lives

Another visit to see Sue, at her holiday caravan in Arnside
Elijah & the boys
First time on a double decker bus

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