Sunday, August 23, 2015

England Visit Part 1: Journey & Arrival

On Friday we drove to Toronto Airport, rather than flying from Columbus. It saved us nearly $3,000 and it was a direct flight - score! When we arrived in Southport it was sunny and warm. Of the 14 days we were there it only rained on 2 days, so we were really lucky.
I'm going to do this post in SEVEN parts with captions, since there's so many pictures and I'm currently jet lagged. And who wants to read long-winded stories anyway.  It was a fabulous 2 weeks and I'm beyond sad to be home in Ohio. Saying goodbye to our family was really hard for us all, kids included.
 But anyway, here's lots of pictures of our visit.....
And we're off!

10pm  - Poor boy had leg cramps and only slept for 2 hours

Overnight flights don't mean lots of sleep unfortunately 
8am - First glimpse of England! We were all so excited.

Grandad Tom met us at the airport

A surprise welcome from cousin Luke too!
Arrived safe at my mum & Tom's house in Southport. They had made all our rooms so welcoming and bought us all kinds of goodies - including huge teddy bears! They also gave us a car for 2 weeks, which was amazing. 

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