Thursday, June 30, 2016

Camps and Campers

Well that 3 weeks since my last post ended faster than a pack of Curly Wurly's last in our house.

Where to begin? Summer camps are on: Jack at acting camp (yes darling, he wants to rule the stage), and the local Rec. Center for Danny.  Both boys started off happy with their choice and then grew a bit jealous of each other; Jack wanting to spend time with neighbour friends, Daniel sad he can't do the Star Wars acting camp. But they made their choices so ...

Jack's camp
With his school friend Aaron. Nice "dab" Jack. Apparently a "Dab" is  a cool thing these young 'uns do. 

I have no pictures of Danny at camp. When I drop him off he drops me like a hot brick and would be mortified if I got my camera out. Sigh. But he's loved being with his neighbor friends and had a blast, so that's very good :)  This week he's been with my friend Erika and her boys and loved every minute. I'm so so lucky.


We bought a Pop-up Camper. HURRAH! We've wanted one for a while. I'm going to post a lot of pictures later as there will be a "before" and "afters". Of course.

Here's what I have to say so far about having a camper versus a tent:

Thank the Good Lord for air conditioning, walking upright and not having to find a zipper at 4am. Especially when tipsy with a bladder the size of a bowling ball. Done that too many times.

Thankful for a place to escape and hide from people. Yes I'm social, but yes I need  alone time every day. If I don't have alone time who knows what will happen.

It's too damn hot in a tent to do anything during the day, but not a camper with AC. Yes AC. AC!!

Waking up in a dry place means a lot. Waking up covered in condensation on a damp pillow sucks ass.

I can sit, at a table, and play card games with my lads. Priceless.

So here's to a summer of camping and making great memories!

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