Chin Strap

Sorry for the lack of posts - I am on my chin strap this week. Jack's doing some kind of night terror, want a wee, wake-up at midnight thingy and Danny's up at 4am to feed. And there's some pesky racoons or cats howling right outside my bedroom window. It's been a busy week at work too and we've stayed up too late ...

Char & Jan came from California. Jan was already in Ohio on a planned visit and then Char's mum died last Sunday so Char had to get here. It's been an emotional week for them and last night we all got together to do what we do best - drink & talk and laugh about all our fun times. It seemed like such a good idea at the time until I had to get up and feed Danny this morning with just 2 hours sleep under my belt. I'm only awake now because of hair of the dog.

My Boy. I can't stop kissing those cheeks and telling him that I love him. Am I scarring the poor lad for life? He started on solid foods last week but it's hit & miss so far.

The MOST AMAZING part of all this is the interaction between these two. Jack loves him, not just to please me & Craig but genuinely. Sometimes, when kids go to touch Danny at day-care I've seen Jack tell kids they aren't to touch him - he's very protective of his baby Danny. Danny in turn watches Jack everywhere he goes and grins like a Cheshire cat when he's playing with him. I love that they love each other.

My loony boy, my character. A woman at my local shop this week told me he belongs on the stage. He was giving her directions on how to bag the groceries at the time. He has a unique personality - he's confident but also a sweetheart. By the way, his t-shirt is dead funny. My favourite "Wanted" character is Wyatt Burp.

Our friend Matt got a motorbike! Gina's thrilled as you can see. Me & Jack are going out with her in the morning, strawberry picking. I fully intend to eat as many as I pick, seeing as I'm on Weight-Watchers again and fruit is low points.
Afterwards we have a double kiddie birthday party. Give me strength ...


I expect you feel as though you are on auto-pilot now then Pam, with all that has been going on and lack of sleep. Keep taking the hair of the dog!! And keep looking at and kissing the cheeks of your beautiful boys. All will be well. A x
Stinking Billy said…
Hi, sweetheart, I am back to blogging, call around when you get a spare moment, why doncha? x
Pam said…
Billy, Welcome back my friend! where's you blog?
Stinking Billy said…
Pam, By, but the bairns are looking champion, man! My blog is up there, now, sweetheart. xxx

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