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We went to a picnic yesterday with all the local Brits. Our local park was inundated with people in Union Jack t-shirts eating cucumber sandwiches and having egg and spoon races. It's nice to mingle with my countrymen and share war stories about immigration and the fact that we can't find good chocolate or inexpensive Ribena. I'm enjoying mixing with them and looking forward to our next gathering. In particular, I've hit it off with Maureen who lives just around the corner from me. She's got two grown kids and we seem to have the same liberal and adventurous outlook on life. I'm going to swing by and drop off a book for her ("Parky" that Clippy Mat sent me) and I hope it's the beginning of a great friendship. Not that I don't have some fabulous friends here, but it'll be nice to have a friend that understands how I feel about England and how sad it is to be away from it sometimes. Another result from the picnic was finding out that it IS possible now to have dual citizenship, so we could become citizens of the USA and keep our British passports. Anyway, we'll forge ahead with it and see what happens.

Onto other things, it was Danny's 4-month doctor's visit today. Four more vaccines (ouch) and a drink that made him pull funny faces. Here are his statistics:
  • He weighs 18 lbs 14 ozs and is in the 97th %'ile for weight
  • He is 27 inches tall (97th %'ile)
The doctor said to start him on baby food so we dragged Jack's high chair out of the basement, gave it a scrub (did I really pack it away covered in spaghetti?) and tried some rice cereal. He hated it, spat it up, shook his head and refused to cooperate. His brother did the same 2.5 years ago I remember.

Looking ominously at the bowl of cereal before him. To be fair, it both looks and tastes of wallpaper paste. Might sneak some sweet potato in there next time.

Lastly, we have a new resident down the snicket! Every day for the last week we have seen a doe munching on leaves and letting us get just a few feet from her. Craig wants to shoot her, Jack wants to pet her, Cody wants to chase her, I just want to look at her. Not that I'd turn my nose up at a few venison sausages for the grill ...


Danny looks wonderful and is obviously doing very well Pam. They do make funny faces at some of their first tastings don't they.

Good to know you have met some fellow Brits. I've never been in your position but can imagine how you feel (son and DIL have similar stories).

Lovely doe!! A x
Jen said…
Danny is getting so big! We just put Emmy's high chair up in the attic yesterday...kinda sad because I don't know that we'll use it again.
Clippy Mat said…
Hey Pam, just catching up with you and your lads. I've been back and forwards to blighty twice recently and haven't done any blogging for a while. So glad that Parky is making the round. Danny is coming on a treat and Jack is a little belta.
Pat :-)

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