My Quest for Cress

For Jack's 3rd birthday party next week I want to make triangular egg and cress sandwiches. Turns out I'm going to have a bugger of a time finding cress.
In my 10-years of inhabiting this country, nothing has stumped me so far. I can find black pudding, bluebells, Turkish Delight and Birds custard. I can find quaint English tea towels and hot water bottles. But not cress.
I was complaining to Craig about it this morning and he told me that in the USA cress is called "sprouts", not to be confused with Brussel sprouts which is what we call sprouts. Confused yet?
But "sprouts" in the USA are made from alfalfa, not cress, which is in the mustard family.

Is it possible that I have finally come up with something that I cannot buy in the USA?


Yes - mustard and cress. Could you aquire some seed from somewhere to grow your own. It would only take days - not sure you would achieve all this in time for next week though. Good luck. A x
Expat mum said…
Yes, I think you have. At least, I've never been able to find it.

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