Anyone for Rounders?

My dad & step-mum arrived last Thursday from England, during a horrendous storm I might add. Driving back from the airport was very scary and when we got to the house I made everyone sit in the car until the worst had passed over. Getting struck by lightning is not on my "to do" list at the moment. Talking of which, life has been bonkers lately and isn't going to slow down anytime soon. Here's a little update on what we've been up to:

Danny is rolling over! Put him on a blanket on the ground and he's like an alligator, which is fun to watch but not so fun when he does it at 4am in his crib then gets really pissed off because he can't roll onto his back again, then he gets his legs caught in the crib bars and howls till I come running up from the basement.

Why are we sleeping in the basement? Well our plan is to always sleep down there when we have guests now. That way we have a private bathroom and we aren't all tripping up over each other. And if the kids gets rowdy then we don't hear too much down there (he he he). I'm really enjoying the privacy and serenity of the basement actually. It's just what I need.

We have lots of stuff planned for my family. Last weekend we did a cook-out at Eric's, Comfest & a Clippers game. We had no idea what was going on at the baseball game. I think it's a bit like rounders but they have proper bases instead of someone's cardie. It was a nice stadium though and it was a great excuse to eat food dripping with fat and ketchup.

Next up for us, a trip to see Tecumseh, the zoo, China Buffet (pseudo-Chinese food, all you can eat, popular with every visitor we have from England) and a huge road trip to South Dakota. With a 3-year old in a car for 2,600 miles. Sounds like hell fun.

Talking of the 3-year old, in no particular order he:

1. Has stopped listening to me altogether
2. Will only eat pizza & icy-pops
3. Has started to defy me and answer back
4. Has gone extra clingy for his mama and won't even let me leave the room
5. Refuses to nap and go to bed at night
6. Loves his bike
7. Loves water
8. Hates brushing his teeth, which means I have to do it and he clamps down on the brush so I can't get it out then laughs at me and refuses to let go
9. Is completely potty-trained now, even wipes his own bum (sorry if that's tmi)
10. Has started amusing himself, just a little bit. He still follows me around like a basset hound demanding my full attention but will play for, oh, 5 minutes now on his own. Not long enough for me to hoover-up or read for a bit, but nice all the same.

Lastly, two minor but major things -
Ex-employee from day-care that is a bit obsessed with Jack has popped-up again and called me twice over the weekend. I ignored both calls. I hope she goes away really I do because she's giving me the creeps.

I found cress!!!! Sowed it Saturday and it's starting to grow. I keep staring at it and willing it to be harvestable by Thursday. Maybe if I breath on it my carbon dioxide will spur some growth? I sound as mad as Prince Charles.


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