Fathers Day Tribute

Craig's a great dad. Our Jack adores him and Danny's always grinning at him. Watching him play with them yesterday at the water park was just great and makes me a bit teary. He's not perfect I might add. In my absence he dresses them like refugees and never feeds them veggies. He is the reason Jack finds farts funny and blames the dog. And the reason Jack is such a daredevil that I'll have a heart attack in the next 12 months. If he wants to skydive like his dad I'll have to lock him in a cupboard.

So anyway, he's a fabulous dad, not short on kisses & cuddles and praise for his boys and that's how it should be. None of this "don't cry, you're a man" nonsense from this husband of mine & that's why I love him. He is also the more "fun" parent, the one that makes Jack laugh and comes up with silly stuff they do together. I see a future of Craig and the two boys having a good laugh.

I hope they don't all gang up on me. I might just have to poison them all with canned salmon.


Stinking Billy said…
Your husband is one lucky man and you are one loving wife. x

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