Santa Claus is in Town

The tree is up & my lights are hung outside. My neighbour Dave is working on his fabulous Tree and I did wonder if he'd get it done by Christmas but he's retired now so can work on it during the day too. He came over this afternoon to help me with my lights. I had sections that didn't light up and he used his magic clicker gadget to make them work again. I have no idea how it works but it's marvelous.

Yesterday we took the boys to see Santa. The same Santa Jack has seen each year. Jack was so excited to see him but then withdrew like a clam once we got in the room. He didn't want to sit on his knee or really talk to him but as soon as we left he said "can we see Santa again?" He asked for a train and a track and a tunnel, the same thing he asked for in his letter to Santa that we posted yesterday.

The second Danny was placed on Santa's knee, his bottom lip curled down and he whimpered. Craig got him before he cried but as you can see from the picture, our boy Danny isn't ready to mingle with the big jolly man in the red suit quite yet.

You might see a small plaster/band aid on Jack's cheek. Lesson learned - It is not a good idea to bang two small glass snow globes together. 


Emily said…
Remember how last year we went to the mall and Katy sat on Santa's lap, but then we went with you guys and she wouldn't go near him? (it IS dark in there, I guess) This year she said to me, "I want to see Santa, but I want to go to the mall, not to JACK'S Santa." She still remembers that. Crazy girl.
Pam said…
Hey Emily,
You are dead right. It is dark and COLD and a bit scary - even Jack said he thought it was scary. I just HATE HATE HATE malls and will do anything to avoid them, even at the expense of traumatizing my children!
mountainear said…
It must be a very strange experience for a child. I think I'd get a wobbly lip and howl if I had to sit on Santas knee... hang on - he's not that dissimilar to my husband, longer bear perhaps. And more cheerful! Hmm.
Pam said…
Hey Mountainear: You get to see Santa every day. As the teenagers say "bonus!"
mountainear said…
They do indeed Pam!
Mommy Daisy said…
Aww, at least Jack enjoyed him. Still a really cute photo. :D

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