3 Pix from the Weekend

We took a road trip to Ikea today to get Danny a new bed. I found one on clearance a while ago that was cute but on clearance for a reason! Every time I sat or lent on it it collapsed, which gave me a complex about my weight and finally ended up with Linda having to put bits in the wardrobe till we got home from work and mended it. Anyway, we bought him one just like Jack's. The Backyardigans blanket must also stay though, or all hell will break loose. He is like Linus with that thing.

This picture was taken down the ravine near my house. These blue flowers are everywhere and it's gorgeous. They aren't bluebells. Scilla maybe? Anyway, they are intermingled with daffodils and snow drops to make a carpet of the most beautiful spring flowers. We drive down there as much as we can and Jack will exclaim "My flowers!" since his favourite color is blue.

Jack has started pulling funny faces and does it the more I laugh. I must stop encouraging this, but it is funny. And look at these strawberries! Did you ever see such big ones! They are called California Giants.

Friday night I took Jack to a music and movement class that he'll take for a few weeks and after about 15 minutes I prised him off my leg and he enjoyed himself. Tomorrow I'm taking him to a play which might be a bit mature for him but I'm hoping all the adult stuff will go over his head. I shall report back here if it doesn't!


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