Nonsense (I'm on Cold Medicine)

I was supposed to fly to Savannah, Georgia tomorrow but I'm sick and the boys are sick and Craig's on the verge. Will this winter never end??? It keeps teasing us with 45 degree weather and then slapping us in the chops with ice, snow and bitter wind. I'm fed-up about Savannah having never been there and I'm missing an important meeting. But we're all sick so no point in blithering on about it eh. So keeping in mind I'm loaded up to my eyeballs on cold medicine, here's my thoughts this evening...

Before bed, we're watching the original "Terminator" film (1984) and the actors are talking about 2027 like it's the space age, which makes me laugh. Our Jack will be a senior in college in 2027! How times flies and how weird Sarah Connor's hairstyle was! It's hard to believe me and Craig have lived in America now for twelve years but my personal reasoning is that if I lived in England longer than the USA (30 years versus 12), then I'm still English. I met an Englishman recently that told me in a derogatory way that I now spoke American - I asked him if that meant Ohio, Louisiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, Boston or what? Since accents here are as rich and diverse as they are in England. At the end of the conversation he asked me if I'd help him get a visa to move here which is sad really. It's not fun to see a fellow Brit go from stereotypically arrogant to desperate in one foul swoop.

We tried to buy tickets to the Adele concert in Nashville today but they were sold out. I'm hoping we can at least get tickets for Ray LeMontagne and The Pariah Dogs when he come to Columbus because we haven't been to a gig in years and Ray is our favourite. I know I've linked videos of his here before don't we all love a great tune?


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