Kevin & Chasing Monsters

Jack is a such a character I can't even start to recount stories! Every day I say I'm going to write it down before I forget and then of course I forget. Here's two, just from today:

His teacher Mrs M has a son who's an astro physicist and the kids had to ask him a question about space this week. Our Jack asked what the moon was made of, since he watches a lot of Wallace and Grommit and he believes it's made of cheese. The teacher in question was a tad shocked at his question and begged me with her eyes to tell him the truth so I suppose there's another cold hard truth for a 4 year old. For me too actually, since the thought of the moon comprising of mature Lancashire makes me want to build a rocket and fly!

Every week the kids have to make a picture for their folder and sign their name on it. Today, instead of signing his picture with his name "Jack", he wrote "Kevin" - he spelt it right too. The teachers gathered all the pictures and were sorting them into folders and knew they didn't have a Kevin in the class. Who was Kevin? Then they realised it must be Jack! They asked me about it when I picked him up and I explained that he isn't Jack anymore, but in fact the Blue Samurai Power Ranger called Kevin. Mrs M then replied that they LOVE him being in their class. They said his sense of humor and imagination was a fantastic thing to see every day. I agree.

And finally, not to leave out my Danny boy. He's doing great at potty training, thanks to Linda and not me. And he's talking up a storm but goodness me Daniel - I have three sincere wishes for you my love:
1. EAT

Danny, you are a warm and beautiful boy. And you are funny and VERY courageous. In fact, this week, you have been the group leader in searching for monsters in our house. I love how you tell me "Don't worry moma!"


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