Jack's teacher gave him some meal worms today so he could start a worm farm. Thanks for that Mrs M! Lets hope the buggers don't escape and get into all my food in the cupboards. Meal worms, apparently, need bran to eat and burrow in. Not the cereal kind that's easy to find but the stuff you bake with (huh?). Who knew that meal worms were so high-maintenance. It could have been worse though right? Could have been a fish, hamster, rabbit, or dog! After she had given him these worms today, Mrs. M looked deep into Jack's eyes and said "you could be a great scientist Jack" and he replied "No, Mrs M, I'm going to be a Power Ranger", then tonight when we went to a local supermarket Jack told the cashier that his teacher has worms. What a character he is.

Danny's eating habits are driving me crazy. Since he was a baby he's dictated what and how he eats. At 6 months old he flatly refused to let me feed him with a spoon so I haven't since. He feeds himself and must have certain utensils (he'll demand a fork or spoon for each meal). The big thing is that he WILL NOT sit at the table and eat lunch or dinner. It doesn't matter what the food is - he won't even try it. The only thing that results in peace for everyone is to eventually let him down from the table. I have tried all sorts of things and yes, talked to his pediatrician. Those of you that know me know that I'm not the kind of mum to let a 2-year old get the better of me but he'd rather starve than eat at that table and I'm beyond patient. Tonight he ate a packet of peanut M&Ms on the way home from the supermarket just so that I knew he'd eaten something. I know I have to make him eat what we eat or go hungry but I don't have the mettle or the energy to fight this thing right now. This is how stupid it is - I seriously wondered if the M&Ms had nutritional value! What am I doing?????

Thank God it's weekend!! Yea! We've got lots planned in the garden (we got a new grill) and we've got a B-B-Q to go to tomorrow. And right now, I'm really enjoying the kids. They are both so funny and so lovable that it's hard to be anything but cheerful.


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