Spring = DIY Projects!

I've been a terrible blogger lately, not posting regularly and not leaving comments on other people's blogs, although I do read them. We have been a tad busy though doing some house DIY projects like the bedroom, as you can see from the picture below - before (left) and after (right). The new bedroom doesn't look as sexy and whore-like as the picture suggests I promise!! We've hung a few pictures in there too and if I say so myself it looks great in real life.

This is my favourite decor in there - I found a decal of the London skyline so it's above my bed. And the curtains are thermal room darkening ones so it's pitch black in there at night! I can forsee lots of stumbling around looking for door knobs and banging toes on discarded shoes.

I also had big aspirations to build a small window seat in the kitchen so that while Craig cooked I could keep him company. But guess what? Martha Stewart saved me the trouble! Here's our Danny modeling my new purchase. Can't you just see me, wine in hand, talking Craig's ear off as he stirs the spaghetti sauce?

Talking of "wine in hand" we are being very good and I have re-joined Weight Watchers a few weeks ago. I've lost a few pounds so far, so wish me luck. The new point system was a bit strange to fathom but now I'm totally into it again and determined to get back in shape. On the new system all fruits and most veggies carry zero points, so that's been great. On the down side, breads and all other carbs carry higher points so those honey fiber English toasted muffins that I loved are now on the naughty list.

What else are we up to?

Well, we are set to send Jack (aka Kevin) to elementary school this September. We weighed up all of the opinions on whether to hold him back till 2012 or not and we made our decision based on these key things:
1. He's socially ready - no question about that.
2. We have investigated what an elementary school child should be able to do before entry and we're confident he's academically ready. We are not looking ahead to middle school as some suggest - we will not hold him back based on him being the youngest, purely because he's the youngest. That makes no sense to me.
3. It's a small school and I'm confident he'll get a lot of attention from his teachers
4. He's bored to death of being at home and needs more than pre-school to make him happy.

I totally understand others that hold their kids back since it's a personal choice but I'm confident we've made the right decision.

Next on the DIY list = gardening, now that the weather might finally have perked up. Tomorrow it's going to be in the SIXTIES!!! I hope so because we are all going stir crazy. My daffs are up and the snow drops are in bloom so spring is finally here. And I bought myself a rather spiffy pair of polka-dot wellies so I'm excited to get them on and start digging!


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