A Good Birthday!

It's been a great birthday. 42 today! I got over 80 Facebook messages and then some emails and phone calls, which I am so chuffed about. That's the magic of social networking I suppose. That most of my facebook messages were from ex-students of long ago makes it even better. Seeing them all grown up now with kids and proper jobs warms my ginnels.

So what else was good about today? Well it SNOWED and it was pretty but it didn't stick to the road ..

I got to see Jack go to soccer practice tonight and meet his new coach and new friends. Then he hung round after practice and played basketball with a new friend and I just sat and watched in awe at his athleticism. He must get that from Craig (along with the smelly feet and the refusal to wear long pants all year). I'm just happy he's running about and might be so tired that he goes to bed without the usual battle. A worn out kid is a good thing!

What else today? WELL . . .

I weight in at Weight Watchers tomorrow and hopefully will get my 10 lb ribbon (yea!)

My boss and colleagues from work called my home phone number and left a message singing a funny birthday song. I'm lucky to have such fab work friends.

My hubby bought me my favourite expensive perfume and tickets to see Ray LaMontagne and cooked me dinner!

Jack made a card for me that said "To Mom, Happy Birthday, I love you, Kevin XXX" - priceless!

Danny and I played tonight and he was so happy he got hold of my face, squeezed it as hard as he could and kissed me. And there's no better thing on the planet, even if he did leave bruises.

I got to meet some new mums and dads at soccer, some nice (Godwin), some distantly and cooly friendly (Lidia), some nutters (forgot her name - nancy? I had instantly gone into "must get away now mode" when she cornered me) and one guy who took it SERIOUSLY. When our Jack gave a ball back to another kid, he said to me "oh, he's so nice!" in surprise and I said flatly "Yes. He is" in response. Did he think, because Jack was wearing an England shirt, that he wouldn't be nice? How rude. No manners.

And so I'm sat with Craig and Cody now watching "Alaska State Troopers". The kids are in bed asleep and I'm having a cheeky one before bed. Finally, I get to sepnd time with my hubby. A good day though wouldn't you say.


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