Area 51 & Yoghurt Trumps!

We're going on holidays soon and I can't wait. Tonight I sang "We're all going on a summer holiday" at Jack's bedtime and he made me promise that he could meet Cliff Richard one day. I'm laughing as I'm typing this as Cliff Richard is not your normal kid's hero and probably in his late 60's now at least.

I'm taking a GREAT book with me. "Area 51" by Annie Jacobsen. From nuclear testing, to spy plane and aliens (not what you think) - it's all there. It's formed from a collection of interviews and recently unclassified documents. I'm amazed that a lot is still classified in 2011, given that some of this stuff took place in 1946. I mean really, what is still worth protecting 65 years later? The one bummer is that I'm on a 15-day loan from the library and the book is the size of a cereal box so I might not get to it. I'll give you a teaser for the book - the Roswell crash was a Russian aircraft that contained doctored kids from Mengele's lab (German scientists were kidnapped and made to work by America, Britain and Russia in 1945). It was Stalin's way of trying to create hysteria after the "War of the Worlds" hysteria on the radio. Think about it - all the UFO sightings happened just before and during the cold war - right?

Anyway, I'm completely stuck in the book already. Looking forward to our hols and just want to finish with a great video of Danny. God I love this boy....


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