Chalk & Cheese

I was sat in a meeting on Saturday (in Kansas) and I got a voice mail from Craig. Seeing as he knew I was in an important meeting, and seeing as I knew he was down the ravine with the boys throwing rocks into the stream, I understood immediately that it was important and I did my best to exit the room with dignity - but fooled no one. Turned out Danny had flung a rock at Jack's head and there was a lot of blood. We talked, Craig set off for the hospital and I went back in the room holding my phone under the table so I could see texts (I have to say here that 90% of the other people did the same throughout the meeting and I'm assuming that they did not have emergencies going on).
Two minutes later I get the text "He threw up" and I'm thinking that Jack has brain damage, is going to die and I have a moment where I don't know where I am or what to do. Turns out it was okay - a small lump and bruise and the docs said a lot of kids throw up from all the upset. Phew.
Now, Danny loves his brother, idolizes his brother, but thought it was great fun to chuck a rock at him. But in the last couple of months we've been to the ER twice - one with Danny after he slammed into a wall and needed a stitch in his head, and now this. I wonder how Danny is going to make it to adulthood? How am I going to protect my little love from harm when he's so intent on getting into something? He's so loving and friendly but good grief so independent and headstrong and unpredictable. And he'll not be told what to do, but If I'm honest I secretly love that about him. Jack is so eager to please and Daniel is so independent it amazes me every day how they can be so different.


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