Loving the Local Free Stuff!

My mum was telling me recently that her local library has closed and that many more are following suit in England. That's really sad. I love where I live because even in tough economic times we have a fantastic library system and local things for the kids to do that's free. For example, just this weekend I took J&D's library forms to the summer reading program at the library and got free passes to a water park, the zoo, colouring books and pencil cases, each chocked full of goodies. I can't imagine what I'd do without my local library.

Then yesterday we met friends at Scioto Mile - our new downtown park complete with splash pad. Danny was a bit scared of it at first but Jack had a great time.

Today we'll probably hit the local outdoor pool - also free. I feel very lucky to have these local places at my fingertips, especially when it's HOT like today (85 degrees). Right now the boys are in our garden pool while I catch up on here (mummy's time out). Craig is on his way back from his annual white-water rafting trip to West Virginia. I've missed him and once again I take my hat off and salute single parents everywhere because having two kids to entertain on your own is tough. I feel like I'm always just one step away from complete insanity.


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