Happy 5th Birthday Sunshine

Yesterday was Jack's 5th birthday and I made somewhat of a big deal about it, with a party and lots of presents and fun things to do all week. It feels like a big deal though. He's FIVE and going to start school in a couple of months and I don't know where all that time went.

Our Jack is such a good lad. I never have to worry about how he'll treat other kids and other people and he's kind to our dog. His brilliant imagination defines him and he's going to do so well with other kids at school. Within minutes of being with other kids they are the best of friends, running about playing tigers, or cowboys or super heroes. My only worry about kindergarten is that he chatters constantly and can't sit still, but if those are his only challenges then I think that's ok.

My hope for Jack this next twelve months is that he enjoys school, that he builds his confidence up a bit and that he continues to have a strong and close relationship with his brother and with us. Most of all, I want him to be happy and to laugh. A lot. After all, he's just five.


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